Let Live Animal Cams Show You Pets, Birds and Global Wildlife

Like adorable pets, wild animals and exotic creatures? Free global cams deliver nature right to your home computer. View lions in their den, swim with dolphins underwater or check out a sample of the world's funniest cats. You no longer need to go on a safari trip, go snorkeling or take a trip to the zoo - just click on your mouse and they'll appear in real-time on your screen.

Fly with Birds and Play with Pandas on Live Cams

Free animal cams are a lot more than nature movies or pictures. By exposing you to living creatures in their natural habitats they allow you to get a better perspective and understanding of how they eat, breed and coexist. You can feel as though you are soaring with flocks of exotic birds, join playful panda cubs or cross the ocean with huge blue whales. You can learn about any living being that interests you and see real examples of life forms you previously only heard or read about. All these predators and carnivores are brought directly to your home in an online stream and in crystal clarity.


Are you a fan of feathered creatures? If so, don't miss our free bird webcams. These live video cams bring images from all around the world featuring flocks and varied winged creatures. Follow sparrows in their nests, take a close look of the magnific ...
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Who doesn't like pandas? These adorable, gorgeous creatures are loved by all, but some people define themselves as true fans. Thanks to free animals webcams you can now view panda bears eating and playing in real time right on your PC screen and get ...
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Welcome to our free pet webcam site. We specialize in live animal webcams, and we're talking about the kind of cute, furry animals that live at home. This is your chance to compare your cat or dog to other pets and get information about feeding, train ...
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Take a plunge into the deep blue waters around the globe with free underwater cams. Enjoy the magnificent sights of vibrant, bright fish as they swim by and watch the seaweed sway with a slow rocking motion to the rhythm of the ocean. With a live fis ...
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Thanks to free zoo cam you no longer need to travel in order to view the best zoos in the world. In a few mouse clicks you can be visiting the wild animals in Berlin, San Diego or Brookline and seeing them in real time right on your screen. Follow zeb ...
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See Cute Pets Worldwide with Online Global Webcams

Lions, zebras and pandas are certainly fascinating, but some of us are more interesting in man's best friends. Our live webcams also bring real-time images of lovable cats, loyal dogs and other pets from all over the planet and you can compare them to your own or just enjoy watching them fool around. Take a look at fluffy Persian kittens, compare different breeds of guinea pigs or follow golden retrievers on their daily walks. You can even share your views with other pet owners and exchange opinions in free video chat rooms. It's all available online 24/7.

Visit the World's Greatest Zoos without Leaving Your Home

Just imagine that you were able to stop by the famous Brookline or Berlin Zoo any time you felt like it. Well, guess what? With online animal web cams you no longer need to imagine. Just take your pick. From London to Beijing, the planet's best-known zoos and Aquariums are just a few clicks away. You don't even need to pay an entrance fee! Simply log on and get a breathtaking cyber tour.

What Are Global Animal Webcams Good For?

The streaming pet webcams and wildlife cams offer much more that fun peeps into the lives of animals. They are a unique learning resource for any person who takes interest in the world and are an excellent tool for research and education. Use it to find out how cats should be fed or to see what taming-methods are used by different dog owners. Learn what the zebras in Africa eat or how apes jump from tree to tree and feel as though you are taking part in every event as it happens. Of course, global web cam is still just a fun way to pass the time, but remember that it can also be a lot more.