Take a Look at the Panda Cam on the National Zoo

One glimpse at the baby panda webcam of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, and you'll join the fans. No one can resist these cute black and white bear cubs as they play and eat and grow and you will want to continue watching them in all hours of the day and night. We have no doubt that once you see these creatures live on cams, you will immediately understand why they are so unique and why they need to be protected and we invite you to express your views with other people via online chatting.

The Most Famous Panda Web Cams in the World

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park is famous on its own, but its most reputable residents are clearly the giant pandas. Long before the panda cam national zoo project came to be, the panda bears received national attention as the first pair was brought from China after Richard Nixon visited the Far East country. It was a sign of a new era in the international relationship between the USA and China and is an excellent example of Panda Diplomacy at its best.

Nowadays, live cams allow people from all over the world follow the pandas from afar. Many people even consider this to be a real hobby and they return to these web cameras many times during the day and discuss them on live chat rooms. You too can access the live stream whenever you want and you might discover that like so many people, one visit is not enough.

Free Wildlife Cam is the Best Way to Learn

The National Zoo cams are not just fun to watch. They are an excellent way to learn about panda bears and their lives. While there are certainly many books and nature movies that deal with the world of pandas, seeing them in real time and in details is a very different experience. Take this chance to appreciate this remarkable living creatures and we guarantee: You will love every minute of it.

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