Explore Wildlife with Zoo Webcams and Learn More about Animals

Thanks to free zoo cam you no longer need to travel in order to view the best zoos in the world. In a few mouse clicks you can be visiting the wild animals in Berlin, San Diego or Brookline and seeing them in real time right on your screen. Follow zebras, lionesses and flamingos and see how they behave and you won't even have bars to stand between you and these breathtaking sights. We bring you live animal cams from all over the world. Just choose which one to peep at first.

What are Live Zoo Webcams?

In the past, if you wanted to watch lions, elephants and penguins, you had to go to a safari or the zoo. This required planning and expenses and at time even long travelling. Animal webcams have changed all that by bringing wild animals right to your PC or laptop. The biggest zoos around the planet are offering free video stream of their lively stars and even chat rooms for you to share your views in. On our live cam site you will find the top zoo web cameras all in one place and can check them out when you're at work, at home or even out in the park.

San Diego Zoo Cam Streaming

San Diego is one of the better-known zoos on the planet and it deserves every compliment it gets. This zoo offers high-end animal facilities and research programs as well as exclusive web cameras that operate around the clock. The San Diego animal we...
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Minnesota Zoo Webcam User-controlled Streaming

Discover new qualities and traits in animals you never knew existed as you journey deep into their everyday lives with a Minnesota zoo cam. Creatures always act different when they are alone and free to roam as they please, so with a live webcam you can expe...
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Toledo Zoo Cam Streaming

Come and check out some of nature's most wondrous and expressive creatures with a live Washington zoo cam. Whether you are looking for underwater sea life, land mammals with great strength and agility or birds that soar with grace and beauty through the ai...
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National Zoo Cam Streaming

Find all the exotic animals and rare species from around the world in one convenient place when you visit a free national zoo webcam. Watch beautiful, colorful birds from South America as they fly and soar through the air. Then with the perfect position ...
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Blank Park Zoo Cam Streaming

Going to the zoo is always a fun activity at any age. Although children do enjoy seeing all the animals and may get a little more excited than grownups by their sight many adults still take great pleasure in visiting the zoos as well. However, it can be a...
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Dublin Zoo Cam Streaming

Instead of dragging yourself out to see the animals why not take advantage of all that technology has to offer you today and bring the zoo to you on with live webcams. Almost all zoos today around the world offer you live streaming video from a few of the anim...
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Noah's Ark Zoo Cam Streaming

Humans have had a fascination and love of animals for a long time. Even in the bible there is the famous story of Noah and his Ark with he fills up with a pair of every creature (male, family) so that they can once again breed and repopulate the earth wi...
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Columbus Zoo Webcam Streaming

The famous Columbus zoo has numerous fascinating exhibitions, but one of its most popular habitats is that belonging to the brown bears. The heavyweight mammals are powerful and extremely interesting, and you won't exactly run into them on your home tow...
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Animal Web Cams are the Best Way to Learn about Living Creatures

If you want to learn about wild animals, zoo web cams are your best possible option. They are much clearer and more detailed than any book can ever be because they offer a firsthand experience of living creatures and their behavior. You can spy on giraffes while they walk about or see tigers devour their daily meals. You can actually imagine that you are there, inside the closed off areas, living with the packs and participating in everything they do. The wolves, birds and kangaroos will seem closer to you than ever before and you can appreciate them in a way no encyclopedia can teach. Just click and visit animal webcam. The world's greatest zoos are waiting for you right now.