Click on Live Nature Cam Links to Find Views and Wild Animals

Admire breathtaking views and extraordinary wildlife on free nature webcams. Land in sunny, golden beaches, cross evergreen jungles and forgotten deserts and follow lions in their hunting grounds. Pass from continent to continent in a matter of minutes, dive underwater or soar over the highest peaks. The world can be yours in just a few clicks and you won't believe how beautiful it is.

There are Many Reasons to Pick Free Nature Webcams

People log on to global cams for many various reasons. Some come to learn about the world and receive real, unedited information about places and living creatures. Others are interested in making new discoveries and exploring faraway locations that would otherwise be beyond their reach. You can even find many people who consider nature webcam their personal hobby, and a way to escape the dull reality of their job and everyday lives.

At the end of the day through, it makes no difference, because the outcome is the same. Live webcams that cover natural views and animals are accessible to anyone on any standard computer and the pictures will seem so close that you'll be tempted to touch. It doesn't matter if you are interested in information about zebras or feel like taking a stroll on a tropical beach at sunrise. Simply click and you'll be anywhere you want to be, watching mother nature at her best.


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sit back and watch animals as they live and hunt in their natural habitat on a free wildlife camera. Travel to Africa and watch baby lion cubs slowly make their way through the tall grassy fields as their mother follows closely behind. Then with a click of your mouse join elephants on live a safari cam and watch them slowly immerse themselves in wate ...
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Sample Forests, Beaches or the Underwater World

When you think of nature, many different images pop to mind. The underwater world where sharks and whales compete over pray and territory, the flocks of birds migrating through the sky, the moon rises over the African savannas - all this and many more is part of the natural environment. Forests, rivers and even icebergs are all fascinating in their mere existence and there are endless things to learn about the global wildlife kingdom.

Thanks to websites in Asian, Africa and the USA, you can now find numerous global webcams on the net. You can find them using USA chat rooms or through a regular Google search, or you can also look through out site for the best options. Here we've collected only high-quality free cams with sharp picture and clear images. We hope that we can help you find exactly what you want and to do so with minimal hassle.

Why are Nature Cams So Great?

We're sure you must be thinking: Well, watching these natural views on computer, is hardly like the real thing, right? Wrong. In some respects, global webcam sites offer better perspective because they go straight to where you want to be, with no mediators and no geographical restrictions. You can be sitting in your office at the USA, in a boring business video chat with Japan, and at the same time be crossing across the pacific or crossing a magical rainforest.

Besides, who can afford to get to all those exotic locations, go on endless vacations or have the physical strength to climb the highest mountains and swim in the deepest oceans? With nature web cameras you can experience the planet as is and while it's happening. This is not some video or a recorded clip - it's the real deal taking place right in front of you.

Now, are you ready to embark on the greatest adventure of your life? Let's go.