Tour Magical Beaches with Free Live Cams

Find your dream-vacation spot on free beaches cams and take a break from your everyday lives. You don't even need to pack a suitcase. Just sit back and view the sunny sands where the chilly margaritas taste so sweet and sound of the waves sounds like a soft melody. We offer these exotic images streaming online, any time you feel like you need some air. Want to tell the world how good these views make you feel? Use Cam2Cam to chat with other beach-lovers and discuss your favorite locations.

Go through Golden Beaches around the World

Live cams give you the freedom to wonder from one beach to another without even leaving your doorstep. You can be enjoying a wild party in Cancun one minute and be sailing near the shores of Australia in the next. You can decide which destination you want to explore and visit it in a few mouse clicks. The Caribbean, Fiji or Andaman - just take your pick and you'll be there in a blink of an eye. Sound good?

Hollywood Beach Cam Still-images

Want to see what's happening in Hollywood beach area right now? Log on to our L.A. webcams and see real stars and eager fans dip in the ocean and have fun. You too can be there on the shoreline, enjoying the scene and taking part in all the action. Like...
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Gulf Shores Beach Camera User-controlled Streaming

Take a relaxing getaway without leaving your home with the help of Gulf Shores Beach camera. This is your chance to get that well-deserved R&R, even while you're at work, and imagine yourself on the white sand, breathing the smell of salty air and wa...
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Australia Beach Cam Streaming

Just imagine that you could cross the world in a minute and tour the gorgeous beaches of Australia. Now you don't need to imagine. In a single mouse click you can be touring the Australian sands on free beach cam and admiring the blue water, golden sun and ...
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Fort Lauderdale Beach Cam Streaming

Allow yourself to enjoy the gorgeous beach in Fort Lauderdale on live web cam. The sunny sands of Florida have been lengthily discussed in varied online chatting communities and many tales have been told about their magical atmosphere. Now you don't need...
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Hawaii Beaches Cams Streaming User-controlled

There is something so calming and soothing about watching the tide of the ocean slowly rock back and forth on a sandy beach. As we stare out on the open blue water it's as if nothing else matters and nothing else exists, time stands still and we are al...
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Laguna Beach Cam Streaming

When you hear the name Laguna Beach many people immediately associate it with the popular MTV reality show which followed the lives of wealthy teens living in the wealthy Orange Country area. However what you may not know is that it is a beautiful sea s...
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Miami Beach Cam Streaming

Take one look at the stunning Miami beach through the live webcam and you will instantly wonder why you are not there yourself. The sunny Florida beaches are full of hot promises for long, lazy days in the sun and now you can visit the best spots right from y...
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Get Some R&R without Leaving Your Home

Beach cam provides you with the rare opportunity of experiencing the best beaches around the globe as though you were actually there. The webcam streaming is so clear that you will be tempted to believe that you are really sitting on the shoreline, with your feet dipped in salt water and your skin tanned by the sun. This is exactly what livecam is good for and you can take advantage of these exquisite affect every time you feel tired or bored.

Beach Cam As an Informative Source

The webcams of the world's greatest beaches are not only fun peeps into a faraway fantasy land. They are also used as an educative and informative tool that helps travelers and students understand the world better. You can collect information about a specific beach or evaluate if it fits your family vacation. You can learn about destinations in different countries and see how they vary from one another. You can even get a clue of the type of people who choose to visit these places and the type of atmosphere they have. Simply log on to one of the many web cam destinations and start streaming your journey online.